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So I have just got back from my second holiday of the year, I spent a glorious week in Greece at the wonderful island of Rhodes and if Im honest i was probably in holiday mode around 1 week before we went, maybe my first holiday of the year to Spain was a little late coming…

We set off on the Wednesday, but before we headed to the airport we dropped by The North Notts Spring Conference, where I had a speaking gig before we flew out to Greece. And what a bunch a lovely people, full of drive, ambition and motivation, it was a true pleasure.

The conference was in Edwinstowe, and what a beautiful place Edwinstowe is, and I discovered that day that Loxley in Sheffield and Edwinstowe both battle as to where Robin Hood called his home.

Anywho, after a brilliant morning with the North Notts Spring Conference, we headed to Doncaster airport for our trip to Greece. We drank, and drank some more and arrived at our hotel. Which was wonderful BTW.

That very night I got chatting in the bar to a very ambitious guy, whom I continued to share my wisdoms, the sense of satisfaction from helping others fills you with joy, for the rest of the week we became good friends with the guy and his soon to be wife, and generally had an amazing time.

The point to this blog is, just because you are not at home or in the office doesn’t mean you can’t keep networking, keep helping, and keep inspiring others.

Downtime is so important to living a successful life, you need to take some time for yourself, and like the good old saying “Don’t get so busy making a living, you forget to make a life”. A few people have asked me recently how I take so many holidays (I aim to have 5 holidays a year) and the answer I always give is, just do it, go and book the holidays, then work your ass off to pay for them. And this theory can be applied to anything in your life, if you want a house, car or anything. Arrange to do it, then work your ass off getting there.

I have met and continue to meet amazing people on my travels, and as a result have new friends from all around the world, Russia, France, Germany and not to mention all corners of the UK, and that was just from this vacation!

You may remember from my previous blogs about my gratitude/meditation process that I do every morning, I keep this going even when Im away. Even the little pool of water I hold in my hand (If your unaware what I mean by this, see my older posts). And the process will never fail you, I returned from an amazing vacation, to new business opportunities for the design agency I run, a property investment in Spain, to purchase a holiday villa, and a new business partnership.

All these areas that materialised in to my life are not just by chance, all these things that manifest in to my life are what I show gratitude for each and every morning, and they just keep coming.

Now Im back in the UK, ready to work flat out until my next holiday in July.

Successful living is not just about how much money you earn, but the lifestyle the money allows you to live! Live your life and enjoy everyday.

To your success


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