If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.

Stop reading the news, start creating it!

Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, the groups, the circles… All this online noise can do a number of things to your mindset, and for the most part, it’s not good.

LinkedIn is turning more into Facebook each day, and no matter where you hang out online the dirty laundry seems to follow you around.

So if you want to stay in a positive state, and not be sucked into the dirt and soil that fleets from one network to the next, then my advice is to start creating the news instead of reading it.

Think about it, when you trawl through the updates, somewhere in the region of 85% is negative media, complaints, issues, wow is me and here’s everything that is wrong with my life, my worlds and pretty much everything else.

And the click bait, oh the click bait! ‘Jamie changed one thing to his pitch and saw 10X results, and you won’t believe what he changed’ – click here…

All this mixed media is a sure fire way to not only steal your laser like focus but will drag you down to its low self-esteem level and drain you until you feel like calling time out on your life or business. Stay away from the grunt!

Seriously, stop scrolling, engage with the groups that are relevant to you or your business, engage via your own pages or channels, but under no circumstance get mixed in the negative midfield that has been put there to destroy your hopes, your life and your day.

The good news is you can maximise social media; you just need to be disciplined, stick to the groups, stay consistent with your own posts, and have a little patience.

Be the kind of person online who’s content you would enjoy consuming, create great value driven information, engage with your community and be the creator of the news, not just the consumer.

The great thing is your content can be redistributed across multiple social platforms, so you actually can become a media powerhouse, just be sure you distribute highly encouraging and value based copy.

The alternative is that you keep lurking, you keep reading the negativity, you get involved with the negativity, you lose half your day and then dump your attitude for the week.

Seriously, start creating your own content, stop reading the news and start creating it.

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