If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.

Stop writing to do lists, do this instead!

We are in constant demand, always needed and in a constant state of distraction. You may recall a blog or vlog I did recently showing that research says the average person is now distracted every 11 minutes.

Is it any wonder our to do lists just get bigger and bigger?

The problem with to do lists is majority of the time its tasks that we don’t want to do, so we just keep bumping the task further down the list, and never get to strike out the task as complete.

Can you relate to this? I know I once did… 

The big issue I see with to do lists are:

They don’t highlight urgent or important actions. 

Often we find our natural make up wants to ignore the important stuff, and fight agains the urgent. Instead we look for whats satisfying, quick or easy.

They have no time system.

Each task takes different amounts of time to complete, a to do list doesn’t take this in to account, and often as described above we look for the one thats easy and quick. Often favouring the satisfying quick tasks over the ones that provide the greatest impact.

They stress you out.

Stress is basically just fear, and an ever growing list of tasks is one way to enhance the stress levels. You see all the things you need to do, and become fearful that you will lose face.

These are just a few reasons why to do lists are such a bad way to get things done, sure they help you have a snap shot of the things you need to get done. But how often do you really strike out everything on that list? Not often I guess.

What you need to do is move away from the to do list, and work towards a success list. Thats right, a list of all the success you have achieved. The motivation you feel when you see that list with every tasks scribed out, will give you so much juice you feel ready to take on the world.

So how do you move from a to do list to a success list?

First up, start making your tasks real. Add them in to your calendar/diary, treat them the same as you would treat an appointment. This way you get to allocate real time to the task, if you feel the task is going to take lots of time, allocate the task over several days, weeks or even months.

Secondly, plan ahead. Success really does reward those who plan, so spend some time prior to starting the tasks planning. You can download my FREE ‘Massive Action Plan Template’ – (MAP) over on my website – CLICK HERE.

By using the MAP you spend time working out who is responsible for the tasks, you create a deadline when it needs to be completed by, what resources you need to complete the task, and even what problems you may face and how you will overcome them.

Once you have the MAP created, add the relevant allocation of time to your calendar/diary and make a pledge that you will NOT change or move this appointment. In the extreme situation that you must change or move it, make a pledge that if you move it, you MUST replace it.

Then once you have successfully completed the task, writ eat down as complete and create a success list. I personally create a success list every day (usually at the end of the day). And this is a list of all the things I have achieved, not only does this help me to see how productive each day has been, but also helps to keep you massively motivated. Give it a try.

Once again, you can download the FREE MAP Template here CLICK HERE

And if you need any help or support, give me a shout CONTACT ME HERE >>

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