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In today’s fast-paced world, grabbing your audience’s attention and driving sales is more challenging than ever. 

But don’t worry…

I’ve got the key to creating a sales funnel that converts!

In under 5 minutes, you will know how to implement this sales funnel into your business, attract more customers, generate more leads, and increase your paying customers. 

Step 1: What do your customers want

Your customers may NEED what you offer, but people don’t buy what they need. They buy what they WANT!

  • Find out what your customer wants.
  • Identify what’s stopping them from getting it.
  • Decide if your product/service can help them get it.
  • Understand what life looks like once they get what they want.

Step 2: Create a lead Magnet to capture leads

Once you know what your customer WANTS and how your product/service can help them get it. 

Create a lead magnet that shows them that you understand the challenges and gives them the steps to get what they want.

Most lead magnets are not very good. 

They talk about you rather than the customer; this means you can stand out very easily.

Don’t worry about giving away too much.

The people who implement it without any struggle are not your target audience. The ones who try and struggle will come to you for your help.

Step 3: Nurture with value-added marketing

Most leads don’t turn into paying customers on the first touch point. You must nurture the lead with the right message at the right time.

Create an email sequence that runs for approximately 5 days after the lead requests access to your lead magnet, providing additional help that helps the lead get what they want. 

This could be:

  • Linking to blogs you have written about the known challenges
  • Providing use cases demonstrating your product/service for them
  • Testimonials from past customers who had the same struggles

Step 4: Make an offer

Don’t assume that because you have given fantastic advice and shown past success or testimonials that a lead will respond and say:

“I Want Your Help”

You need to give a clear call to action throughout the entire process.

– Ask them to Schedule a Call.

– Ask them to Buy Now.

– Ask them.

If you don’t ask, you don’t________________ (GET)

Here’s a summary of the 4 steps to supercharge your sales funnel:

Step 1: 

Don’t waste time trying to sell people the things they need. 

Sell them what they want!

Step 2: 

Create a free giveaway that helps the lead get the things they want. 

Make it so good they will be shocked that it’s free.

Step 3: 

Nurture the lead with value-added content that helps them make a decision to work with you or use your product/service. 

Step 4: 

Give a clear offer to help. 

Show them how your help/product/service gives them the outcome they want. ‘sell the sizzle, not the steak!’

Chat next week.


P.S. When you’re ready, ask me about how I can help you create a sales funnel that drives more revenue into your business. Book a call, click here.


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