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The cost of being Batman

So I stumbled across this great graphic today of “The Cost of being Batman” which got me thinking about things and decided it would make a great blog post.

One of the great quotes I simply adore is from Earl Nightingale and goes like this:

Most people think they want
more money than they really do,
and they settle for a lot less than
they could get.

What a great saying, but what I really enjoy about this quote is the part which says “People THINK they want more” now for me what he is saying here is that people talk about wanting to be a millionaire, wanting to drive that flash brand new car, own that bigger property, go to that beautiful holiday destination but have no idea how much it costs.

Simply thinking it costs lots has no use whatsoever!

Remember my earlier blog post about the sub-concious mind, well let me tell you that the sub conscious mind responds to definite demands, it simply doesn’t understand what lots of is. You see this is what I take from this magnificent quote, you have to be specific, simply thinking the car will cost lots or that holiday is out of my reach in reality means you are settling for a lot less than you can get.

Go out and take the car for a test drive, speak to the finance department about the cost of owning the car, the running costs, insurance, tax etc. Do the same with your dream holiday, the house you always wanted, you need to change your mindset to actually believing you are going out shopping for these products.

Once you have a full comprehensive list of all the things in your life you really desire, add them all up and work out how much money you need to earn to really live the life you desire and I can guarantee in most cases (In fact almost all cases) you don’t need anywhere near a million pounds a year to afford the lifestyle you wish to lead. You will be pleasantly surprised. It may seem a long way away from where you are right now, but at least you fully understand what you need to aim for to live the life you dream of and deserve.

Now you just need to work out how you can get there, how you can acquire that level of income to live the life you have been shopping for. This is where I can help, with my 12 month coaching program I can help you unlock the greatest asset you have. The very asset that will allow you to genuinely posses everything you have dreamed of. Speak with me today and lets look at building the future you really want to live – CONTACT ME HERE

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