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The DNA Of A Successful Salesperson with Dave Stones


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In today’s episode of the #TogetherWeThrive​ podcast, Jon chats with Dave Stones; a 20-year time served successful salesperson who heads up BBPress as the sales and marketing director.

Topics covered are:
Sales tools, technology, how to send effective sales proposals, what makes a successful salesperson and much more… Enjoy

Show Notes:
0:19​ Introducing Dave Stones
0:56​ How sales have changed
3:02​ Sales tools that make selling easier
4:36​ How the pandemic has humanised everyone
7:01​ Why people find it hard to be honest
11:52​ How to send brilliant proposals
13:28​ How technology is changing the sales business
19:40​ Why salespeople need to learn how to split test
24:14​ Why we need more stress, not less
27:12​ The salesperson DNA to success
29:10​ Gary Vee’s leadership methodology
36:01​ What successful salespeople have in common
39:12​ What makes a good salesperson?
45:26​ Turning Highrollers into consistent sellers
50:10​ Preparing for sales success
54:43​ How to personalise your sales messaging
01:00:51​ Find out more about Dave and BBPress

Find out more about Dave and BBPress here

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