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The Greatest Objection Handling Technique In The World.

The Greatest Objection Handling Technique In The World.

Objections, you get them daily, how you handle them will be the difference between hitting your targets, and missing them.

You will have heard this technique before, and you probably use it, maybe unknowingly…

Feel. Felt. Found. 

Legendary when it comes to objection handling, and if executed correctly, will be the pivotal breakthrough your sales needs.

Here’s a snapshot of the technique –

1. State ‘I understand how you feel’. This is intended to let the potential customer know you have heard them, and you can empathise.

2. Inform them about somebody else who ‘Felt’ the same way. This lets the customer know that they’re not alone, others felt this way, and things can be different.

3. Proceed to inform them how that person ‘Found’ that after they did what you wanted/purchased your product, they got what they wanted.

Now, this technique has been around the block several times, so I’d recommend you steer clear from actually using the words, feel, felt, found. Instead, use it as a framework to keep the flow under your control.

If you want to take this technique up a notch, use this framework for your case studies. And if you know your ICA (Ideal Customer Audiences) types, and are running some AMB (Account-Based Marketing), you will be able to position the perfect case study that speaks directly with your ICA.

Try to think of Feel, Felt, Found as ‘verbal judo.’ –– Avoid working against your prospect’s force; instead, use it as your advantage.

Don’t resist when your opponent pushes you; instead, progress your movement in that direction and pull them a little at the same time. Don’t let them ever get the ‘pressure’ on you, but go with them.

Remember, while objection handling isn’t about battling with your prospect, it is about ensuring you both fully understand each other.

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