If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.

The pen remains mightier

Seems the last few months my blogging and certainly vlogging has slowed right down, but I have valid reasons.

Reason 1: I got married in August, so this absorbed quite a substantial amount of time. It was a brilliant day, here’s a picture of the magical day and my wonderful and amazing wife.


Reason 2: I just purchased a new build property for me and my new wife. They do say that moving is one of the most stressful things. (This was one of those situations)

Reason 3: Since moving into the new home, I’m still without an internet supplier, oh Sky have lots to answer too.

Now this all sounds very negative, and let’s face it, sometimes you will have a plateful, people will let you down, and others just steal your energy. And this is all very true IF YOU LET IT… 

Yes, I got married, did I stop blogging or vlogging? No, just tapered it down a little, Did the stressful situation of moving grind me to a halt (It did come close) but no, I just got on with things. Did the lack of internet connection stop me from working, not at all, it’s made it increasingly difficult, but there’s always a workaround? And this is what I want to talk about right now, workarounds

And this is what I want to talk about right now, workarounds. Most people when facing challenging or even stressful situations come crashing down, and resort to blaming the situations around them. As Tony Robbins says, resources are not the problem, you not being resourceful is the problem.

And I truly wish more people would become more resourceful, work from that coffee shop, schedule your time better, release the stressful energy at the gym. But under no circumstances let it beat you down, because until you stand up to it, it will keep you down permanently.

Here’re my top tips to staying focussed, energised and driving forward, even when your workload is insane, or the world is falling around you.

Tip 1: 
Always take notes, I tend to go through an average sized notebook once a month, I’m a very doodle type kind of person, and by scribing out my thoughts, plans and ideas really help me to keep the head ticking. Think of it like this, what  happens to your computer when you’re running multiple tasks, have 51 browser tabs open and are running video editing software and photoshop with a 200,000-pixel image being compressed. IT SLOWS DOWN, STOPS OR COMPLETELY CRASHES. 

And the exact same thing happens to you, me and every human walking this earth, you need to shut down tasks, you need to remove data that’s causing the system to run slow. All this data streaming around in your mind is slowing you down, I find that simply doodling this on a notebook gives room for more creative juices.

Also, take notes on everything, every meeting you attend, every pitch you deliver, every blog you read, podcast you hear or audiobook you listen to. Taking notes make things more real, and help to keep the thought alive, if you leave it in your cluttered head, it will lose all its power and fade away, lost in the other 15,000,000 million thoughts on a daily basis.

Tip 2: 
Get a whiteboard in your office, write down your focus for the week, the jobs that you need to get down and the income you wish to achieve that day or week. By having a running tally of the tasks you need to complete or the financial target you require, helps you to stay focussed on the areas that are important to you or your business.

It also helps to give praise to yourself for jobs completed, income created or work that’s crossed out, you need to learn to praise yourself for the good otherwise it loses its value completely, and you’re left with no reason for doing it.

Tip 3:
Plan everything. You have heard the saying no doubt, failing to plan is planning to fail. Look, everyone is fighting for your attention, and its so easy to lose a day, week or even a month if you fall into the reaction mode, you must always keep creating, and the best way to achieve this is from planning.

I was reading some research recently that suggests if we live to the age of 80 (The average life expectancy in the UK is around 81.5) we will lose one full year of that time waiting for something to happen that never actually does. The research also states that Monaco has the highest life expectancy age at 89.5, and a huge proportion of the people living there are incredibly wealthy, (now I’m sure the tax breaks are a big advantage to this, but that’s for another post…)

The point is, simply waiting for something to happen produces little to no results, if you want it, plan for it.

Tip 4:
Be disciplined. Let’s face it, living a disciplined life is hard, eat right, sleep right, go to the gym, save money, do the right tasks first. It’s so hard to discipline yourself;f, yet some do it so naturally, this is mainly down their personality type (Download my FREE Personality test here >>). But if you really want to see lasting change, then you need to work on it, so when that facebook notification pops up, ignore it, when that email notification displays in the corner of your screen, ignore it. Practice this over and over again, a favourite quote my friend often uses is ‘Practice makes progress’. 

I personally find its better to create a habit of doing things in certain ways, and then disciplining the habit, this still allows me to feel spontaneous and not too restricted.

All of these tips pretty much revolve around writing things down, get them out of your head and onto some paper, or a notebook. Take notes, write your daily/weekly goals, plan a route of attack (You also get my FREE MAP – Massive Action Plan in my Coaching Toolkit) and be disciplined in your execution. By simply adopting these strategies into my life allowed for me to main my vlogs, my blogs, and run my business successfully, even in the most demanding and challenging times.

The pen really does remain mighty, even in this digital age. 
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Have I missed anything? Leave you thoughts in the comments. 

Wedding photo By The amazingly talented Captured Life Photography 

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