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The power of imagination

Imagination is a well-documented subject and a subject that constantly proves that when used correctly can bring success in many areas of our lives, yet many use the imagination against themselves. They imagine outcomes that have not yet happened, they often think of the worse case scenarios, rather the best case outcomes.

Now I’m not saying don’t acknowledge the risk, or even plan for the outcome and difficulties you’ll face along the way, BUT, don’t think of the situation as worse, think of the situation as better. For many, they have been conditioned their entire lives to think for the worst, and often take advice from others with phrases such as ‘I wouldn’t do that if I was you’, yet offer no real evidence as to why.

Come to mention it, many people take advice from people who have no authority to give advice, or who have no qualification to offer advice. Now I’m not talking about qualifications we have come to know through the education system or letters after your name, I’m talking about real life lessons of education, the best qualification is from experience.

For example, hopefully, you would not take financial advice from someone who has no money, is broke or in BAD debt (I’ll explain about bad debt later), and you definitely shouldn’t take advice from someone who has never done the things you’re trying to do either. Yet in our quest to satisfy the imagination, we often let others inexperienced advice lead us to a decision, rather than pushing ahead and finding the result for yourself, or through the carefully selected advice and experience from  professionals or advisors.

Here are a few examples of how the imagination can massively trip you up if managed the wrong way.

I recall reading about a french criminal who was facing the guillotine, his head was placed beneath the guillotine blade, however, a heavy block of wood with a sharp edge was what actually got dropped onto his neck, with warm water poured down his neck and spine immediately after to represent the blood. Within 7 minutes, the criminal had died, his imagination has caused his heart to stop beating in the belief that his head had just been chopped off.

Other stories about a man who was locked in a fake industrial refrigerator (just a basic room) were later found dead after dying from hyperthermia, his imagination had created the cold and his body had given in to the imagined condition.

Although we don’t suffer the exact same consequences in life and business, we share lots of the defeating beliefs that we manifest into reality, and the pesky imagination is to blame. We create conditions that are worse than they are, we imagine defeat and failure and create stories that don’t even exist, yet alone come to reality.

The power of the imagination is vast, yet very few utilise its full potential, start visualising the results you want, create those vision boards, carry around your goal card, and be very careful what you say or think to yourself, because what you think about, you most often bring about.

Now I mentioned BAD debt earlier, but there is also GOOD debt, and good debt is what you should have. Bad debt is credit cards for tv’s, bling, cars and loans, store cards etc, the best way to summarise bad debt, is something that takes money out of your pocket. Good debt, however, is summarised by something that puts money in your pocket. i.e a property portfolio, buy to lets etc.

Many people won’t hesitate in spending a £1000 of money that’s not theirs i.e credit cards to purchase the latest tv or Xbox/PlayStation. Yet wouldn’t even consider spending the £1000 on a training course or learning material that will help them to get better.

Invest in yourself, you pay the best interest… If you’re interested in finding out how to better yourself, why not book a free call with me and find out how my Success Coaching can help you utilise your imagination, and bring greater success in your life, business or career. TALK TO ME HERE >>

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