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The Silent Walking Meditation – An holistic touch

Every month I run my mastermind/personal development group from the glorious Wortley Hall, and today my business partner of the mastermind group (The Executive Matrix) Jayne Briggs suggested we add a holistic touch, and so we introduced a walking meditation to the members.

We spent approx 20 – 30 minutes walking through the grounds of Wortley Hall, but we did this in total silence, no laughs or giggles, no smirks, no nothing, just complete silence.

At first, this felt a little odd, and I meditate daily, so I am completely comfortable with being mindful, but when you are in a group, and everyone is silent, it felts a tad weird. But 3-5 minutes in and you’re in the zone, or certainly, I was in the zone. And what a beautiful zone it was, hearing the sounds coming from the trees, the birds, experiencing the smells that you wouldn’t usually pick up on. The energy that was vibrating around the gardens, it was a wonderful experience.

Head over to my Facebook page for a video that I sneakily shot while on the walk: VIEW HERE >>

We came to an old oak tree that is said to be 350 – 500 years old with an enormous hollow section in the middle, but still completely healthy and growing. We decided to feel the tree, touch the tree, and experience the tree, some even gave it a hug.

Some may consider this a bit hippy like, and common acts of life coaching tree huggers, but until you experience the energy, the power and the feedback its hard top pass judgement. We finished by forming a circle and holding hands to absorb the Reiki energy.

One of the members had a very enlightening moment of release, others felt relaxed, and some felt connected. All in all, it was a wonderful experience and something that should be done much more often.

We solved problems in the hotseat and offered a sounding board to everyone else. I honestly am eternally grateful for what we have achieved with The Executive Matrix and its something that continues to provide value to all our members.

Starting and running a business can be a lonely place, and while networking is brilliant for meeting like-minded people, it doesn’t offer you the ability to truly share yourself with everyone, sure you may make a handful of close connections, but would you really share all your worries and problems with them. Probably not.

The Executive Matrix offers you the security that everyone I the room is on your side, no one is selling to you, and everyone is 100% there to help. I’m proud and grateful of what we have created and honoured to serve our members.

Have you tried a mastermind group? Share with me how you feel it’s worked for you, or have you gone on spiritual meditation walks? Share with me your experiences…

Until next time.

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