If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.

Many sales people get to a stage in their life where they feel a certain role is beneath them, and over the years I have seen so many sales people say ‘I just want to teach sales’. What they’re really saying is, they feel selling is beneath them, and usually dress this up in a number of different ways such as:

I feel I can offer more from my experience in sales
Im burnt out, tired of selling
My sales experience should be passed to others
Im too old/young to sell this product

But ultimately this means that selling is beneath me, you need to ‘Think Like A Boss’, just because the boss isn’t in the boiler room everyday, or hitting the doors and phones with you every day, doesn’t mean they are not selling everyday. You never stop selling, no matter what stage of your business or career you reach, you just shift the product your selling.


Bosses are always selling, and if they’re not, then they had best get ready for some hard discipline for the market. Bosses sell! FACT!

If you are feeling burnt out, tired, or the truth ‘Sales are beneath me’ maybe you should take a hard look at what you’re doing, because the minute you lose your ability to sell, is the day you start moving backwards in your life.
And I can tell you from experience that you will look to blame everything else, before you take responsibly that its all down to you.

Most of the time you wont even realise the reason why things are no longer working out for you, maybe the timing is out, maybe the market demand has changed. Or maybe you can stop being foolish and realise that the reason things are no longer working, is because you lost your ability to sell.

But the reality is you haven’t lost your ability to sell, you just haven’t got your mindset in the right place. So, you tell yourself that its the market, its the product, its the… And then you disguise this excuse by saying I would much more prefer to teach sales.

And suddenly a vicious circle begins, you may change your job, your career, but I guarantee that this will follow you around until you confront it.

I have already mentioned, sales are a prerequisite of life, and while ever you’re trying to run from this, you will never find true satisfaction.

But the good news is, it can be changed, and the change happens incredibly quick.

Here is the process of change:
You start doing the odd sale again, and immediately feel good about it. The hardest stage is now creating the leads to close, so then you fall in to the dissolution that its not sales that was the problem, its actually the lead generation. Yes, yes thats it, its the lead generation thats beneath you, and secretly you tell yourself –

Im too good to be making lead generation calls, someone else should be doing this,

and you more than likely will waste lots and lots of time having this debates with yourself. But eventually you need to come back to the equation that its down to you.

You are the lead generator, you’re the sales person, the closer, the consolidator. Think like a boss, what would a boss do. They would totally dominate the lead generation calls, they would totally dominate the sales call, they would totally dominate the consolidation call.

Boss Mastery

Ok, so now what? you ask… Keep going, the sooner you realise that sales is a prerequisite of life, the sooner you can start to really accelerate your life, your business and your goals.

Right, so you are now a machine, ready to take the world on. Just remind yourself each day (and several times through the day, more if required) Think Like A Boss.

Now in order to really be the dominator in sales lets just look at what it takes to be a ‘dominator’ because thats what you need to be.

A dominator is someone that no longer competes with anyone else, a dominator leads from the front, they are the pace setter. When you dominate, you no longer compete.

Sales are really hard when you compete, but when you dominate its easy. A great way for me to describe this is what I like to call ‘The Matrix Effect’ remember all the way through the film The Matrix, everyone tells Neo, he is the one. But this is irrelevant until he realises it for himself, only then does he fully appreciate his ability. And this is very similar to sales, once you have that Matrix Effect moment, you no longer doubt that sale (you don’t even think about the sale, you just close).

Your mind-shift has changed and you are totally unstoppable, you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re not misleading people, you’re just not doubting yourself. You may have also heard this term being described as being in the zone.

When ever you feel like the Matrix Effect is subsiding, remind yourself to think like a boss. Its a good idea to have some hero in mind when you use ‘Think Like A Boss’, so think of someone who inspires you.

Winners dominate, losers compete. I have heard lots of different ways to describe sales over the years, some very catchy too, like compete or get beat. And while they roll form the tongue easy, the mechanics behind them are flawed. Change your mindset away from competing, competing is bad, Bosses don’t compete, bosses dominate. You need to think like a dominator, like a boss, not like someone who competes, while ever you’re competing, your losing and things will be hard.

Think like a boss!


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