If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.

Three ways to stay motivated, and achieve anything in 2017.

I’ve mentioned in previous articles that motivation only really comes from two places, you’re either motivated by progress, or like most, pain motivates you. i.e, you wait until something becomes painful before getting the motivation to do something about it.

This could be that engine management warning light on your car that you do nothing about until the car breaks down. This could be that tingle you get in your fingers, yet do nothing about it until you realise you have diabetes.

Motivation is a funny thing, and sustaining it can be a tricky ordeal, especially with an ever-growing list of things that need to be done, the rejection letter from your last pitch, the unexpected bill that landed on your door, and your car has just broken down because you didn’t get it looked at when the engine management light came on… (6 months ago).

Now you have a choice; you can do something about that slump in motivation, or you can wait until it becomes painful and do something about it. Please don’t wait until it becomes painful.

Below I have identified three things that I do to maintain my motivation and operate with massive amounts of action, determination and drive. Follow these three tips, and you will find that you can achieve anything in 2017.

1. Find a partner(s)

You need to find a Robin, as in Batman and Robin, who’s your partner in fighting crime? Who’s your sounding board, who’s the one that you get everything off your chest too? One of the easiest ways to dump your motivation is by holding all the baggage and not sharing your problems with anyone else.

And let’s face it; you are either your best friend or worst enemy, going solo can be a lonely place, so be sure to protect yourself in those darkest hours.

2. Make sure you have clarity
You will always find it hard to stay motivated or even get motivated without having a full and detailed understanding of what you’re trying to achieve.

Having complete clarity will keep you on point, and provide you with a detailed road map of what, where and how you’re going to get there.

3. Reward yourself
You must remember to look out for your best asset (That’s you, by the way). Treat yourself, always, make time to the gym, make time for the cinema, buy that jacket you have been lusting over, book those holidays.

The greatest CEO’s and business people I know build their business around their holidays; they don’t try and fit holidays in around their work. As I write this, my year has already been booked in holiday terms, Paris in April, Zante in May, The Lakes in July… etc

The point I’m making is this, if you don’t treat yourself, you lose your ability to see reason, and if you have no reason, you’ll struggle to find the motivation.

Apply these three simple strategies today, and you will be on the path to a successful 2017, where you can truly achieve anything.

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