If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.

Thrive or Survive with these simples] steps

Are you happy, I mean really happy, happy with your job, your earnings, and your life?

Actually,let me tell you the answer.
Yes, you’re 100% happy… because if you weren’t, you would do something to change it.

This is a question I say to people all the time, but if you sit down and take that long overdue conversation with yourself, then the answer you’re looking for is starring blatantly right at you.
You have become that used to the life you lead, that you have become satisfied with it. That’s doesn’t mean you don’t want to have a better life, but you aren’t doing what’s required to get there.

Before you know what’s happening, 6 months have passed, then a year, then 5 years, and it’s not been that bad, it works for you. HOLD UP!

Didn’t you once say you wanted to thrive,not just survive? Then hold tight because we’re about to go into overdrive.

Its so easy to fall in to that arena of just enough, just enough money, just enough spare time, just enough of everything else. And I have heard many over the years say that maybe it just wasn’t made for them, this good life.

Screech the breaks right now, some of the most amazing and successful people didn’t make anything of themselves until late in their life, Colonel Sanders springs to mind, he was mid 60’s before he found success with KFC.

Now Im not saying you should wait to your 60’s before making a break for it, quite the opposite!

So the question we need to ask is this…
‘How bad do you want to thrive’

Heres my top tips to ensure you live a life filled with richness.

1. Get a plan.
If you want to get rich, the first step of getting rich is having a plan thats says you want to be rich. But be very clear what rich looks like, lots of money has no value, £10,000,000 does. Plan everything down to the last detail, the colour, the cost, the location, you need to know every aspect of the plan if you have a change of pursuing it.

2. Get your daily hustle on
Some call this production, others call it activity, I like to call it hustle. Get your hustle on every day, don’t focus on delivering your product or service, focus on winning more business for your product or service. You will always find someone whom can help you deliver the product or service.

3. Do more than anyone else
A good saying I learnt over the years is that everything takes twice as long and much more money that you thought originally, so prepare for this. Times everything your doing by at least 10, after all its much better to fall short on a £1,000,000 goal, than to fall short on a £10,000 goal. Cover more space than anyone else, first in, last out, working the hardest.

4. Get it done
Hours upon hours are wasted trying to get things perfect, just get it done. Done is so much better than perfect, people will tell you if something is wrong. Then you can revisit later to fix this, but just keep pushing it out there. A great quote used by Facebook ‘Move fast and break things’.

5. Write down your goals twice daily
At the end of everyday write down your goals, and every morning write them again. really focus on the ‘why’, energy flows where attention goes, focus on the things you want, and do it every day. A great way of doing this is with a ‘Goal Card’ you can download one here for FREE – DOWNLOAD GOAL CARD.

If you work on this simple tips each day, you will see a huge difference in your life and business, I guarantee you. However should you not want to ‘Thrive’ and you just want to survive, then follow these tips below:

1. Don’t plan
Live each day as it happens, go with the flow and just drift along with no conflict, not challenges and minimal problems. Live in the belief that if its meant to be, its meant to be.

2. Don’t hustle, just deliver.
Spend each day delivering great work, don’t make time for time for prospecting or follow ups. In fact you cant do everything, you just need to work on delivering everything perfectly. Im too good to hustle, its beneath me.

3. Work like everyone else
Im going to work as hard as everyone else, take the full weekend off and sit with my feet up. Everyone else takes 1hr much breaks so Im doing the same. Most people start at 9am and finish at 5pm, ill do the same. Actually I may come in at 8:45am and leave at 5:30pm. That should do it!

4. My work needs to be perfect
While your not out there doing menial tasks thats beneath you, you may as well ensure the work you deliver is perfect. Its got to be perfect, you simply cant rest until the work is perfect, maybe you should make it one more time.

5. Keep your goals in your head
No one will believe me and will probably laugh anyway, so Ill keep them goals of mine locked away in my head. I definitely haven’t got the time to write them in the evening, Ive got the TV to catch up with, and with school/kids/dog in the morning thats a non start. Keep them in your head.

A little action, can make all the difference. You can spend your life wishing it was better, or you can go out there and add that extra bit of effort each day and live the life you have been saying you want.
You can thrive or you can survive. You decide!

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