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Two Strategies That Generates High-Quality Free Traffic

Two Strategies That Generates High-Quality Free Traffic

The bloodline of your business is new leads, be that online or offline, if you don’t have new leads, you have no sales, and with no sales, you have no money and that ultimately means you have no business. 

The online world is very competitive, and noisy and full of experts shouting how good they are.

Yet very few are making an impact, and there’s a very good reason for this, most businesses are telling customers how good they are, instead of how good the customer can be. 

They overkill the testimonials, the award icons and membership organisations, they make themselves the centre of attention, and this my friends is why most businesses are losing in the online sphere. 

Don’t tell people how good YOU ARE, tell them how good you will make THEM! Talk about their problems, share case studies that show how these problems have been solved, and what the future now looks like. 

Make your customers the centre of attention, not you.

Blogging gives you the perfect opportunity to talk about problems, and share solutions and a future vision for the reader, it positions you as the authority but shapes them as the star.

The following two strategies are proven ways that I use to generate free, high quality leads. 

Strategy One: 

Import your blog posts into Medium (Here’s mine), think of medium like Twitter, but for blogs, you can follow or be followed and highlight key sections of blogs that resonate with you or your reader, and they have 120 million monthly readers (as of writing this post). 

I have been asked to guest blog, gained PR exposure and made money from online courses because of the posts I share on Medium. 

This needs to be part of your strategy, the amount of high-quality visitors you gain from this platform is incredible. 

Strategy Two:

Use Q&A website Quora, armed with over 300 million monthly users, this Q&A site attracts a huge audience of answer seekers, and if you can help them, you can share links to your blogs that flood your website with more high-quality visitors. 

*Top Tip: Peoples questions also help to create ideas for your future blog posts.

Bonus Strategy: 

Convert your blog into slides and post into Slideshare which boasts an impressive 80 million-plus monthly users. 

The power of a blog is incredible and can be quite easily turned into multiple pieces of content. 

Here are a few ideas about how a blog can be used: 

  1. Written article i.e your blog & medium
  2. Q&A site linking like Quora
  3. Read the blog like a script and make a video
  4. Use the audio to start a podcast
  5. Take stills from the video and use them as quotes
  6. Slice up the video and make micro videos

The list could quite easily continue, it takes time, but the results are worth it. 

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