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What Are Pillar Pages And Topic Clusters, And Why You Need Them

What Are Pillar Pages And Topic Clusters, And Why You Need Them

If you want your site to pull more organic traffic, you need to adapt to evolving search engine trends. Some of the important features your site must have are pillar pages and topic clusters. 

Strange concepts? No problem. This article will show you all you need to know about pillar pages, topic clusters, and how to make them work for you.

What Are Pillar Pages?

A pillar page is a page on your website that concentrates on the main topic you are trying to rank for. It is longer than a regular blog post because it covers all aspects of the topic and helps you to rank higher. 

What it does is answer questions that a searcher may have about the particular topic. Then, it leaves room for details in the cluster content. 

When you do this right, your pillar page becomes an authoritative source. It will now attract external links. Now, let us look at the next term, topic clusters.

Topic Clusters? What Are Those?

These are a group of similar web pages built around a specific pillar content. It gives more depth to the main topic, discussing specific issues under it. 

Google wants to provide relevant results to match searcher queries. So, using topic clusters to cover a specific topic works in your favour. 

It increases your site authority and improves your general page ranking. 

Benefits of Using Pillar Pages And Topic Clusters

#1. More Engagement 

Having organised content makes your site look attractive. This will appeal to more viewers and drive up engagement for you. 

#2. Longer Sessions

Every website owner wants viewers to stay on their site longer. By interlinking pillar and cluster pages, you can achieve this. 

It keeps viewers on your site. This is because more links are leading to posts that address their query. 

#3. Better Ranking

Google favours well-organised sites. Using pillar and cluster pages makes it easy for Google to identify the subject matter. 

In turn, this will improve your ranking over sites that are not as organised. 

#4. Improves Navigation 

When visitors are on your site, the pillar and cluster pages make it easy to find information. This is because your content is now organised around the main topics. 

It also helps your content work together instead of competing for ranking on the same topic. As the site owner, it’s easier to identify keyword gaps and fill them. 

You can find missing opportunities that attract more viewers from your target audience. 

Where To Go From Here

Search Engine Optimisation changes all the time, and it’s sometimes hard to keep up. Optimising your content for longer, specific keywords used to be the best way to rank. 

Now, pillar pages and topic clusters have entered the discussion. In the article, we walked you through the process and showed you the benefits of using them. 

There are no hard and fast rules. Use this guide to come up with a concept that works for you. 

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