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What do you mean I shouldn’t have sandwiches every lunch time?

When I say to someone that they should have something other than a sandwich at lunchtime, most people look like they might pass out. Why? Because our trusty friend the sandwich is not doing our health much good. Especially, when it’s combined with a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar. It’s easy to grab though and on offer in most places whether you’re on the motorway or in town. So why shouldn’t you eat sandwiches?

There is an exception to the sandwich rule. A sandwich using good quality ingredients on locally made spelt, rye or sourdough bread. These breads generally have lower wheat and gluten contents. The flours are also often higher quality and sometimes organic meaning there are less pesticides and insecticides too.

The rest of the sandwiches made using supermarket bought bread or similar low quality with low quality fillings which are often high in chemicals. These are chemicals we’re not designed to be eating on a regular basis! Also, bread causes blood sugar to rise quite quickly especially when the crisps and chocolate are added in. Even brown bread still causes blood sugar to rise. It isn’t the healthy option we’re always told. Plus, the quality of the ingredients in the sandwich is often not as good as we would use ourselves.

What can I eat instead?

• Leftovers! Things like cold fish/ meat with roast vegetables or salad, stir fries and cold fajita mix all work really well when out and about or unable to heat food up. If you’re working from home then heating up leftovers is obviously an option.

• Soup in a flask or the high quality shop bought soups such as New Covent Garden.

• 2 boiled eggs with ½ avocado and some cherry tomatoes

• Veg sticks with houmous and some cold cooked meat

• Ready cooked pack of quinoa/grains with cold cooked meat

• Salads (not pasta based)

• 2 poached eggs with 1 slice spelt bread and ½ avocado

• Omelette and salad

• Rye, spelt or sourdough bread sandwich

Eating well when out and about is always down to preparation and organisation. If you find there’s nothing healthy e.g. at a service station, often, you can buy a pot of nuts and a piece of fruit or Nak’d bar/ similar which is better than going for a burger/ sandwich.

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