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What is a high-performance website and why do I need one?

What is a high-performance

…As of January 2nd 2021, there were over 1.83 billion websites on the Internet, and Google process 3.5 billion searches daily. 

How much of that search traffic is coming to your website, and will your website perform?

What are the most common types of websites:

Websites are constantly evolving and are never finished due to the rapid transformation of technology, the language used for website development, and web design.

Generally, you will find most websites fall under the following categories:

  • Blogging websites
  • Ecommerce websites
  • Portfolio websites
  • Brochure websites
  • News or magazine

Websites have come a long way from just basic text on a page. More modern websites offer a dynamic concept; this means the website can change itself based upon the visitor giving a more personalised experience. 

Why is this change important?

Suppose you have worked hard to build your product, market your product, and find an audience for your product. Do you want to leave your potential customer in an untrained persons hands?

Look at your website as your most trusted salesperson. It never gets tired; it doesn’t ask for time off and does it exactly what it’s told.

But if you haven’t invested in keeping it up to date, using the latest technology and following a framework that’s designed for conversion, then the traffic coming to your website will be wasted.


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How to build a lead converting website?

To give your website the greatest chance of converting traffic into leads, it needs to be built for conversion. The easiest way of turning visitors into leads is by using a lead magnet; from this, you can nurture the potential buyer through a series of email workflows.

Most websites fail to connect with the visitor because it talks about the company, their awards, and why they’re the best at what they do, instead of talking about the challenges the buyer faces and how they can help the buyer be the best.

Start with known problems.

If you have done your homework, you will know who your ideal customer profile (ICP) is, sometimes in marketing called buyer personas, the challenges they face or how to improve their lives. 

The website structure.

The top of your website is the most valuable space, known as above the fold, which originates back to the fold in a newspaper.

This area you should use to tell the visitor the following:

• What you do

• How you make their life better

• What they need to do to get your offer

The next section should talk about the known problems they face and how it makes them feel, we humans are crazy for emotion, so really connect with the feelings. 

Next up if your solutions, show how your product can remove the known pain, and give them an example of what success looks like. You should also be sure to show clearly how your product or service solves the specific know pain. 

After this, give them direction, tell them what happens next. Do they book a call, do they buy your product, do they arrange a free demo. By holding their hand through this process, the visitor feels looked after well cared for.

Finally, answer any unanswered questions they may have, again if you know your audience (ICP), you know the most common questions they will ask, so this is a good time to write several paragraphs that answer these questions.

Anything else you think is important can be added after these sections have been created; it’s also vitally important that you add “Call To Action (CTA)” buttons after each section too.

You can’t have too many call to action buttons. By adding more to your website, this shows the belief you have in your product or service and how it can solve the known problems the visitor is facing. 

One last thing, the lead magnet. This can be added anywhere on the website page, but without one, you’re losing potential leads.

Put these steps into effect, and you will make a highly converting lead generation website.

lead magnet

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