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What Is Public Relations (PR) and Does My Business Need It?

What Is Public Relations (PR)

“So, what will be your public relations strategy to help make your brand a household name?” is often the preliminary query that the authority of a start-up throws at the collaborating PR agency. Making a positive public image is one of the crucial factors for your new business to thrive in the industry. 

However, many experienced professionals in the marketing field fail to acknowledge and understand the significant role of PR.

Businesses these days are more public-driven. Whatever product we launch in the market, is only to cater to the public needs. Hence, promoting a business through media, social media, television ads, and digital platforms won’t serve the company enough. 

You need solid ground in public relations to strike the right chord and make it big.

What Is Public Relations in Marketing?

For those who have a vague idea about public relations, for new entrepreneurs entering the industry, and for would-be marketing professionals, let’s understand what is public relations in marketing. 

Going by the definition, Public Relations or PR is a strategic method to convey messages from an organisation to its target audience. PR is an essential tool for a business to communicate with the public directly. It helps the company to understand their needs and preferences and act accordingly.

What Are the Essential Activities in Public Relations?

Public Relations or PR comprises a host of activities that determine a positive public image development for the business. The essential activities include the following.

  • Communicating with the audience directly through forms of media.
  • Organising podcast events.
  • Conduct healthy employee communication.
  • Featuring in business summits.
  • Speaking in business conferences.
  • Holding press conferences.
  • Collaborating with other companies.
  • Writing press releases

Factors of Public Relations 

Public Relations for a new business venture stands on the backbone of certain essential factors. Following are some of them.

  • Persuasion of public, business partners, stakeholders, investors, and employees.
  • Conveying information about the business organisation to the public.
  • Communication with the target audience of the business.
  • Seeking third-party validation.
  • Placing the product in the public eye.
  • Promoting the business to enhance sales and earn revenues and donations.

Public Relations Specialities

Industry-specific Public Relations classify into the following specialities.

Media management

In today’s digital world, virtual PR is the ultimate buzz. Unlike in the past, PR professionals are more relevant to social media management. They make direct communication with the audience through social media forums.

Strategic Dealings 

A PR professional strategises all the public dealings for the good of the business. Every stunt they make to make a positive reputation among the general public falls under strategic dealings.

Employee communications

In-house management is a crucial part of any potential business to thrive. Employees are the assets of a company. Hence, managing them through healthy communications is the job of a PR professional. 

Crisis communications

Communication experts should not take charge only when the business is facing a crisis. A crisis management team should always work on structuring a crisis dealings plan so that it’s never too late to revive.

Why Do Your Business Require PR

So, the question remains at whether your business needs public relations or not, and the answer is a resounding yes. Here are the reasons why.

PR Helps with Business Reputations

A strong PR department backing can uphold your business further and help to earn a good public reputation. Your business makes a direct connection with the audience through PR. So, if something goes wrong with the product or services at any point, a good PR can do damage control.

Adds Brand Value to Your Business

Branding is essential for any business to thrive. Collaborating with a promising PR agency can promote your business beyond media and advertising. By arranging press conferences, attending business summits, and making public communications, a PR person features the business and earns brand value.

Influences Public Opinion

PR can influence public opinion to a huge extent. Great public communication goes a long way. Therefore, a PR team can help change the mind of general people by telling them what they need.


Hence, your new business venture indeed requires good Public Relations management to help it thrive and soar.

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