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What Makes a Good Website & The Top 5 essential elements

What is a Website?

Let’s start off super basic what is a website? Wikipedia defines a website as:

“A website is a collection of web pages and related content that is identified by a common domain name and published on at least one web server.”

5 Essential Elements To Making A Website

The need for a website has grown exponentially, and more and more businesses and organisations are looking to create a web presence. A website is the first impression consumers will have of your company, just like a storefront is the first impression consumers will have of your store. 

There are many aspects to creating a website, but there are five essential elements that every website should have:

  • Always have straightforward and simple site navigation:

If you make it to a website and find that what you want to do can’t be done, you would become frustrated. Develop a website that is easy to use, and people will come back for more!

  • Speak to your target audience how they prefer:

When it comes to business, it’s common knowledge that simple language should be used. However, engaging with the individual you want to become a client in their preferred manner is better. If you run a cafe, spa, or online clothing store, you should communicate with your customers clearly.

This may not be the case if you sell high-end equipment to institutions. Some individuals in these high-end areas value technical jargon and regard you as more trustworthy because of it. As a result, if they are suitable for your target audience, utilise them on your website.

  • Don’t overload the reader with too much information:

Because readers are often distracted, your site’s content should be easy to navigate and engaging. You should show many engaging images and headlines that appeal to their interests to keep people engaged. Visitors should discover information as soon as they arrive at your site. Use a clear, easy-to-navigate website to your advantage. Allow them to call you if they require assistance.

  • Include at least one Call-To-Action on each page:

Make sure your consumers don’t have to go to a different page to see a submit, sign up, learn more, or contact us button. Because of the first element we mentioned, simple navigation, include at least one on each page. Customers are more likely to interact with a button if they see it repeatedly and easily accessed.

  • Use a simple, clean layout/design that is easy to use and to see:

Avoid creating a messy layout and providing too much content while developing your website. To avoid your visitors from being distracted, keep your web page clean and sharp.


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What Makes a Good Website?

What You Should Have On Your Site

In the age of the internet, your website is your business card. It needs to be professional and easy to navigate.

You may have seen a dentistry office with a poster outside that says “Open today!” But what if their office is closed? Where does this person go? They call a competitor because they need to be seen by a dentist. If you do not have an online presence, people will not know where to find you or how to contact you for your product and services.

Below is kind of a checklist for things to have on your site:

  • About us

People like to put a face to a company, so seeing your employees on the website makes you look friendly and inviting. Now, if you have a lot of employees, for example, you have 100 employees, maybe stick to having just 10 of them on the website as it can get too crowded.

  • Blogs

Writing blogs will help you get to the top of google searches with good SEO and help you generate leads. Make sure not to do short blogs from 0 to 500 words as google prefers longer content being a minimum of 600-700 words, but if you can aim for 1000 words and more but don’t forget to have at least 1 call to action in your blog.

  • Services

A services page is just for convenience for your visitors as they don’t like to search for what you do. They can clearly see what it is that you do precisely and see it in your words.

  • Call to action

Every website needs a call to action now. This could be a button that says contact us or a download to some information that will help them, but if you don’t have this, how will customers buy from you or contact you?

  • Resources

Resources could be anything from information to help your visitors/customers or a downloadable spreadsheet such as a workflow calendar pre-made for them.


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What Makes a Good Website?

Websites are the most essential part of any business. They are not just a digital representation of your business but more of a digital storefront for you to sell your products and services to the world.

Most businesses start with their website design before creating their product or service. The website design is what generates interest in people for what you have to offer.

There are many aspects that make up a good website, some being more noticeable than others. Design, usability, content, SEO, social media integration are just some factors that contribute to how good the website will be in the eyes of users. But one thing that is often overlooked is giving your visitors what they want. Make sure your site offers them something unique and helpful so they’ll come back again and again.

Content Creation for Your Website

Content creation is one of the most important aspects of content marketing. It’s what gives your business its online voice and builds your brand. It is critical that you update your website with new information frequently. 

This will keep clients interested in your business, assist them in navigating your website, and provide them with something to read and consider while they decide whether or not they want or need your product or service.

Conclusion and Takeaways

Websites are the most important marketing tool businesses use to generate leads and turn visitors into new customers. It can be used by any company, regardless of size or industry, to promote their products or services. The design should be attractive and represent what the business is about.

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