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What to do when you have one of them days

What to do when you have one of them days…

For anyone who knows me, they will tell you I’m one of those annoying kinda people who’re always upbeat, happy and positive. And that’s just me; I always look for the good within the bad and let’s face it.


But you really do have the choice to decide how you respond to these bad situations, and it sounds easier than it really is, I mean the process is simple. The doing… Well, that’s something different altogether.

But all we have in life are choices, and you have to live the consequence of the choices you make.

For example, you choose to be fat, or out of shape, you choose to not have enough money, and you choose not to live the life you truly desire.

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Sounds rather brash, but 100% true! 

Think about it; you choose to be fat. This is a combination of bad choices and choices that have been accumulated over several years. You choose to skip meals, eat junk, and not step up the cardio/gym sessions. You don’t just get fat; you get fat because you choose to be fat.

The same can be said for the lack of money. Previous choices, and ongoing choices you make, you choose not to have the money you require. Maybe you spend more than you earn, maybe you don’t focus enough on earning. But one thing is certain; you choose to be in the position you are in!

So through these choices, past and present, you now need to live with the consequences.

Interestingly a guy who attended one of my mastermind groups thought I was one of those annoying upbeat, always positive kinda guys. He was honest enough to choose to speak with me directly, find out how I keep optimistic, and even went on to hire me to speak at a gig he is associated with.

After this gig, he went on to say how motivational the talk I gave was, and has since invited me to future events he is involved with, and even ways that I can help within his company. Then at one of the meetings he asked, “Jon, do you ever have one of those days, you know where you’re flat, or just feeling down”.

I feel that like this guy when you see people who are upbeat and always positive you just assume they never have bad, or down days.

I responded with “Hell yeah I have down, and flat days, I’m human after all”. I then went on to say about the things I do, if and when these flat days occur. And trust me, they do!

The guy in question runs a really successful business, and has done for over two decades, what makes him so successful is the ability to ask, to seek answers to issues he faces. We need to all learn a lesson from this!

I massively admire, and find inspiration from people like this, people who can be honest, be true and seek out wisdom, rather than make a choice to stay in a dark place.

We all have choices, start making better choices today. And if you do need a hand, reach out to me CLICK HERE.

PS. If you’re interested in the things, I do that keep me on point, and help me through the harder times. Watch my morning ritual blog – WATCH NOW

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