If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.

Why celebrating others wins matter

When others win how do you feel?
Do you feel joy towards them? do you feel envy? Jealousy? Happiness? How do you feel?

Being honest with yourself is a very important step in helping you achieve the life you desire, by being joyful towards others who are achieving greatness helps to disprove that there isn’t enough to go around, this altered state reinforces the positive outlook that the world can give you the life you wish.

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You get everything you look for, so for example, if you’re envious of someone else’s success, you will start to see envy in all areas of your life, it will literally begin to bleed into everything you do, see hear and read.

Look at it like this, remember when you started looking for that new car, the one that you hadn’t really seen many of, now all of a sudden everywhere you look, you can’t help but notice them. Or that state-of-the-art new diet guaranteed to shed those pounds fast, now everywhere you turn the same diet is advertised.

You get what you look for! So stop looking for problems, stop being envious of others, stop giving yourself a hard time. Instead, show praise, be grateful and help others celebrate their success and I promise you very soon this new level of searching will begin to bleed into your life too.

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