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Why planning is key to healthy eating

In business, we’re always told planning is key, fail to plan and plan to fail etc. I would mostly agree with that and it certainly impacts on productivity. The same can be said for nutrition and wellness. It’s very easy to push it to the bottom of the list and to make excuses for not doing it. There are no excuses though. It should be your priority especially if you’re self employed. You can’t afford to get sick.

Without a plan, how do you know what to eat and therefore what to buy? It saves time and money and will do wonders for your health. It’s particularly important if you’re out on the road a lot. Taking meals with you not only saves money but also means you know what you’re eating. It can be hard when you’re out and about to know what food you’ll be able to buy. Service stations can be particularly unhealthy though with the rise of M and S and Waitrose at many of them, healthier options have been introduced.

Plan in exercise, relaxation time, mindfulness or meditation during the week too. These are important aspects of a healthy lifestyle too and just doing one thing every now and again doesn’t have a significant impact. Your efforts need to be consistent and repeated week after week to see results. This is the point where most people give up either in weight loss, fitness or growing a business. When things feel tough, you have to push through and keep going. Having a plan of what to eat will help you do that. Of course, you can plan in a treat now and again too but try to move away from just using food and drink as a reward. The plan helps you know on the busy, stressful, tiring days what to be doing and when so there’s less chance of a sneaky takeaway etc.

Take 15 minutes every week to plan your food for the next week and make sure you schedule time into your diary for exercise and some form of relaxation.

If you’re struggling to plan and would like to me to do it for you, sign up for a free trial of our menu planning service and receive a menu plan to your inbox each week.  https://wisechoicenutrition.leadpages.co/free-plan/

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