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Why You Get The Same Results, Over And Over Again, And How To Change It

Why You Get The Same Results, Over And Over Again, And How To Change It

So many people often go throughout life wondering why they constantly get the same results over and over again, they never achieve the financial status they hoped for, every relationship seems to get into the same problems, and every job ends the same way.

So why, do we go through life with these revolving issues? Is it that we are just unlucky, is it we just aren’t made to be in a relationship and are we destined to live a life payday to payday with the odd holiday each year if we’re lucky?

For the most part, people will answer this question with a yes, they believe they can’t change the route their life has been set up, they hear about how you can change it, but don’t really believe that this can apply to them. They may even have tried a handful of times to make a success and each time they feel they just didn’t make it.

So, let me explain why this revolving situation constantly occurs, and before I do, let me tell you it’s NOT YOUR FAULT.

These are what’s known as Paradigms, which in essence is a group of habits that form the way you operate, the way you think, your ego and everything you do. Now, the good news is, YOU can change them.

Ok, so here is what happens. People look at the results they currently have, it may be their current bank balance, the current position they have at work, the X-ray the doctor shows you or the relationship problem you find you’re in.

These results cause us to have thoughts, we think about the depleted bank account or the unsuccessful promotion at work, the bad news from an X-ray and how bad the current relationship is, and we allow these thoughts to define us.

These thoughts create feelings, we feel depressed, unsatisfied, helpless and no hope, in doing so, we send these negative feelings to our subconscious mind which has to deliver a result based on the information provided (remember in previous blog posts, we discussed how the mind works) the subconscious mind simply can not reject the thoughts impressed upon it, good or bad and forces the body to produce the result, in this case, the same as you have always been receiving.

And there we have it, a spiral of actions that keep repeating over and over again. The real secret to building a life filled with financial freedom, a wonderful career, healthy as a horse and having a wonderful relationship starts with you!

You ask anyone who is really successful, and they will tell you, that long before they made a success at business or life, they had to work on themselves.

If you find that you’re getting the same results over and over again, why not reach out to me and let’s look at a coaching program that can really help you change your life – CONTACT ME HERE

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