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Why You Keep Missing Your Goals And What You Can Do About It

Why You Keep Missing Your Goals.

End of January, are you still on track with your goal, are you chipping away at those new year resolutions?

Research tells us that approx 20% of new year resolutions are still active by February, here are the top 10 New Year’s resolutions according to a survey of 2,000 people (conducted by Inc last year):

1. Diet or eat healthier (71 percent)
2. Exercise more (65 percent)
3. Lose weight (54 percent)
4. Save more and spend less (32 percent)
5. Learn a new skill or hobby (26 percent)
6. Quit smoking (21 percent)
7. Read more (17 percent)
8. Find another job (16 percent)
9. Drink less alcohol (15 percent)
10. Spend more time with family and friends (13 percent)

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What causes us to stop could be several reasons:

The first.

Maybe you didn’t want to achieve the goal to start with, potentially you liked the idea of the goal, but the reality is that that’s all it was.

The second.

You had no fire in your belly to achieve the goal, similar to the first reason in many respects, yet these goals are often more realistic, but you still don’t commit.

The third.

You don’t have the necessary skills required to achieve the goal, this is a big one, and most likely a huge reason why many fail to hit their goals.

You cant outperform your learning!

For any goal to be achieved you must do more than just write it down, you’ve got to get emotionally involved, develop a fire in your belly and take some immediate steps to move towards it, be that learning a new skill or just getting started.

I have developed a framework for planning that helps not only with goal setting, but your planning as a whole. 

Its called ARC, try it out:

A represents ‘Achieve’

R represents ‘Reason’

and C represents ‘Create’

Start by being very clear about what you wish to ‘Achieve’, (the goal) your subconscious thrives on detail, the more detail you give it, the harder it will work to help you.

Next, get emotionally involved with your goal, ask yourself what’s the ‘Reason’ you wish to achieve it? The stronger the emotional connection, the less likely you will drift off and lose interest.

And finally ‘Create’, what can you do immediately to create momentum, create a list of at least 3 steps that get you started, this could be to learn more, speak with an expert or book the demo.

But create these steps immediately to start the ball rolling to achieving your goals.

Give it a try, and if you need help let me know.

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