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Winning New Friends & Influencing people

On one of my recent vlog posts, (each day I post a video to my YouTube channel – CHECK IT OUT) I was discussing the rule of 33%. But upon reviewing the video back I realised that I had not written a blog post about this, and so decided todays posts would explore the rule and explain exactly what it means.

So, what is this percentage rule?

The rule basically means that you should distribute your time with people below you, on the same level as you, and those that are above you.

Now I state very clearly that nobody is above you or below you, as we are all equal beings. But more to the point that some people simply have not advanced in their life, career or business to the level you’re at, or you haven’t advanced to the next level.

The idea is that you spend 33% of your time helping people that are not to your level just yet, help them out, give them a leg up and share your experience with them.

Spend a further 33% of your time with people on the same level as you, people who are ambitious and going places. Help each other to consistently push forward and march to the next level.

Then spend the remaining 33% with people whom you aspire to be like, learn what they do, receive help from them in lifting your game, and getting to that next level.

If you want to be really specific, call it the 33.333333% rule.

Why is this rule important? I like to think that success leaves lots of clues, and the best place to find those clues is from the people who’s already trudged the journey. Not to mention the amazing satisfaction you get from helping others get to the next level.

This 33% rule is on an ever sliding scale, you simply keep moving along, and as you move along so do the circles you’re associated with.

Try it out, I guarantee a few things will start to manifest in your life when you apply the rule of 33%.

You will feel good about yourself, you will make new friends, you will become more sociable, more successful, earn more money, and enhance your career, business and life.

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