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Words That You Should Avoid Using If You Want Better Email Deliverability 

Words That You Should Avoid Using If You Want Better Email Deliverability 

One common worry with email marketing is if your mail will end up as spam. This is because it can ruin your efforts, and your mail won’t get to its target audience.

Technology has become so sophisticated, and it’s now easy for spam triggers to spot spam. So, you need to know what to do to avoid getting flagged. 

In this article, we have compiled some buzzwords that will get your emails flagged as spam. 

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Common Spam Words You Should Avoid

Here are some categories of words that will get you flagged as spam. We have divided them into groups, so it’s easier for you to understand. 

#1. Forceful Words

You don’t want your emails to come off as aggressive. So, in your email, marketing endeavours, avoid the following trigger words:

  • Click
  • Buy
  • Act now
  • Click below
  • Free
  • Get
  • Open 
  • Opt-in
  • Order now 
  • Visit our website 
  • Stop
  • Unsubscribe
  • Do it today 
  • Call now 
  • Visit our website
  • Win
  • See for yourself 

#2. Desperate Words or Phrases

It starts with your subject line. If you have something of value to offer, there’s no need to sound desperate. 

Here are some words and phrases that reek of desperation:

  • Free trial
  • Bonus
  • Email marketing 
  • Free gift
  • Join millions of Americans
  • Great offer
  • Incredible deal
  • 100%
  • Will not believe your eyes
  • Best price 
  • For instant access
  • Bargain
  • Outstanding values 
  • Giving away

#3. Manipulative Words 

Your subject line sends an important message to your readers. So, you must pass across your message in a way that is not intrusive

Avoid using pressuring words like:

  • Deal
  • Click here
  • Direct marketing 
  • What are you waiting for? 
  • Unlimited 
  • Direct email
  • Accept credit cards 
  • Cancel at any time 
  • Cards accepted 
  • Get started now
  • Important information regarding 
  • No disappointment 
  • Please read
  • Wants credit card
  • Who really wins? 

#4. Far-fetched Claims

If your email sounds too good to be true, spam filters will flag it. Here are some far-fetched claims you may avoid:

  • All-natural 
  • Be your own boss
  • Big bucks
  • Additional income
  • Billion dollars
  • Cash bonus 
  • Double your income 
  • Earn cash 
  • Earn extra cash 
  • Fantastic deal
  • Financial freedom
  • Eliminate debt 
  • Free money
  • Increase traffic 
  • Lose weight 
  • No fees
  • No hidden cost
  • Money back 
  • No catch
  • Removes wrinkles 
  • Risk-free
  • Weight loss 
  • While you sleep

#5. Scam Words

Here are some words spammers use to appear authentic:

  • Congratulations 
  • Hello
  • Friend
  • Chance 
  • Priority mail
  • Not spam
  • Home
  • Addresses
  • Beneficiary 
  • Celebrity 
  • Hidden 
  • Investment 
  • Junk
  • Life insurance 
  • Loan 
  • Meet singles 
  • Social security number
  • US dollars
  • Undisclosed recipient 
  • Viagra

How To Prevent Getting Flagged As Spam

As you write your emails, it’s almost impossible to avoid these triggers, especially if your mail has a genuine need for them. 

You must avoid using any of these trigger words in your subject line. This is the easiest way to avoid getting caught by spam filters

Try not to use a lot of trigger words throughout your article. You may want to consult our list the next time you write a promotional mail. So, bookmark this article so you can refer to it at any time. 

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