If you’ve been waiting for a sign to focus on YOU, this is it.

You Make Mistakes, Mistakes Don’t Make You

Only once I learnt to see mistakes as valuable teachers, I permitted myself to be free, free from judgement and free from the fear of chasing my desires…

Mistakes give us feedback!

I realised that everyone makes mistakes — people from all walks of life, of all professions and all age groups. Mistakes DON’T define you and should never undermine your self-confidence. I learnt to let my mistakes become my teacher, something to learn and grow from. This allowed me to define myself by the best of what I am.

Ask yourself –– with every error, misstep or mistake that you make, ‘What is the lesson in this mistake? What can this teach me?’  Need some help with this? 

I have found that nothing heals the sting of a mistake faster or better than going out and doing things right the next time. We learnt to do this when we were young, and it’s how we learn as adults.

So, let me leave you with this…

Go and make some mistakes, make as many mistakes as possible, and have some fun while you do it!

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