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5-Minutes to Thrive [5MTT #19] The Art of Storytelling

Hey 👋

Storytelling is a deeply ingrained human tradition that dates back thousands of years

And most people don’t know where or how to start.

Here’s an example using Nike as the example 👇

This 7-part storytelling formula is one of the most powerful persuasion tools ever created (used by Apple):

* A Character: Our hero is an aspiring athlete who dreams of becoming a professional runner but lacks the motivation and confidence to push themselves to the next level.

* Has a Problem: The hero faces self-doubt, struggles to maintain a consistent training routine, and lacks the right gear and guidance to improve their performance.

* And Meets a Guide: Enter Nike, the guide in our story. Nike positions itself as the ultimate sports brand that understands the hero’s journey and offers a range of products and resources to help them reach their athletic goals.

* Who Gives Them a Plan: Nike provides the hero with a personalized training plan, access to Nike Run Club app, and a variety of performance-enhancing products like running shoes, apparel, and fitness trackers.

* And Calls Them to Action: Inspired by Nike’s message of “Just Do It,” the hero is encouraged to join local running clubs, participate in Nike-sponsored events, and embrace the Nike community for support and motivation.

* That Helps Them Avoid Failure: The hero realizes that without the proper guidance and equipment from Nike, they might continue to struggle with their training, miss out on potential achievements, and never reach their full athletic potential.

* And Ends in a Success: With Nike’s support, the hero becomes a more confident and disciplined athlete, achieving personal bests, winning races, and eventually fulfilling their dream of becoming a professional runner.

This is a story framework created by Donald Miller of StoryBrand. I highly recommend reading his book – Building a Story Brand.

Use this framework to tell your story.

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