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5-Minutes to Thrive [5MTT #20] – The Buyer’s Journey

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In today’s Newsletter, I talk about the buyer’s journey.

The buyer’s journey is a conceptual framework used in marketing and sales to understand and guide the process that a potential customer goes through when making a purchasing decision.

It is typically divided into three main stages: 

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

Here is an example of how this works: 

You have been working hard this year on a new project, and it’s been challenging and highly stressful.

This is the ‘Awareness Stage’, when you realise you’re stressed.

You say to yourself that you need to book a holiday to relieve this stress, and that’s when you enter the ‘Consideration Stage.’ 

Next, you typically question whether you should use a travel agent or something like or Airbnb. This is the ‘Decision Stage.’ 

We all go through this same decision-making process, and it doesn’t matter whether we buy a car, a dog or a new computer.

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So now you know about the buyer’s journey, here’s how you can help the buyer choose you instead of your competitor.

The Awareness Stage:

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

What would they search for when they realise they’re feeling stressed?


• Stress Causes

• Stress Symptoms

• Am I Stressed

• How to Relieve Stress

• Ways to Relieve Stress

With this information, you start creating content that answers the questions they ask.


You could write a blog titled:

‘5 Causes of Stress and How to Relieve it.’

And what will one of those 5 ways to relieve stress be?

You guessed it, A HOLIDAY! 

This process can be repeated for each stage of the buyer’s journey.


Some may search for stress-relieving locations, in which they find your blog post title:

‘Top 10 Holiday Destinations for Relieving Stress 2023’


‘7 Questions You Need to Ask a Travel Agent Before Booking Your Next Holiday’


‘The 5 Best 4-Star Hotels in [STRESS RELIEVING LOCATION]’

This is how you put the right message in front of the right person at precisely the right time.

You can learn how to do this in the FREE training about the buyer’s journey – Watch for FREE (No Opt-in)

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