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5MTT #22 – Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Life

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By the end of this week’s newsletter, you will understand how your beliefs and behaviour patterns govern your life.


These are often referred to as paradigms and are fascinating aspects of personal development. Understanding how they work can truly transform your life.


So, what is a paradigm? 


Simply put, a paradigm is a set of beliefs, thoughts, and patterns of behaviour that shape and govern your life.


It’s like a mental operating system that controls how you perceive and respond to the world around you.


Paradigms are formed through a combination of your upbringing, experiences, education, and the people you associate with.


Now, the exciting part about paradigms is that they are not fixed or unchangeable. You have the power to shift and expand your paradigms to create a better and more fulfilling life.

Change your paradigm, change your life


How is the paradigm formed? 


Through the repetition of information.


How is the paradigm changed?


Repetition of information!


For example, 


Why do you think you speak the language you do?


You spoke this way at home growing up. If your home spoke bi-lingual, you would speak bi-lingual too.


It’s no coincidence. You were programmed this way!


Let’s suppose you have a difficult time with money.


You have more going out than coming in.


You’ve got to change your concept about money.


How do you do that? 


Through the repetition of an idea, this is why affirmations are so powerful.


For example, 


“I’m so happy and grateful that money now comes to me in increasing quantities from multiple sources on a continuous basis.”


You don’t say this once or twice. You say it every day, multiple times a day, every day for 60-90 days.


And you will start to change your concept of money.


You can get my FREE ‘Wheel of Life’ template and 90-day action plan to start changing your paradigms in 6 of the most important areas of life here.


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