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Today’s newsletter will scare you, and that’s a good thing!

By the end of this newsletter, you will know how to:

• 🙋‍♂️ Get your ideal customer’s attention

• 💬 Strike up a conversation

• ☎️ Book a sales meeting

Are you ready?

Let’s go

Sales is a scary word for many. They believe it’s a way to manipulate someone into doing something against their will. And let me put the record straight before we continue; that is not a salesperson. 

That is a con artist! 🐍

A salesperson should wear the sales badge with honour…

It’s the oldest profession known and the highest-paid gig in the world (Nod to Elon Musk net worth $229.9 billion)

Life is a Commission, so why would you not want to squeeze every drop from it? And sales is a way to do it. 

So let’s assume you know who your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is, their pain points, goals, problems etc. 

Here is tried and true strategy to fill your calendar with meetings. 

📅 Step 1. Plan your content

💬 Step 2. DM’s

⚙️ Step 3. Systems

1. Plan your content

Each piece of content you create for LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or TikTok should have a purpose, and that’s not to get likes, btw.

Your content should do one of the following three things:

🧲 1. Attract your ICP 

💭 2. Engage your ICP

💰 3. Convert your ICP 

Every buyer goes on a journey before they buy. They first become aware that they have a problem or desire something. They then go out looking for solutions to compare and consider. Finally, they make a decision

Your content needs to attract them to you to bring awareness. Your content needs to engage them so they can consider what you offer as a possible solution and finally help them convert to a customer by deciding you’re the right choice to help them get what they want.

2. DM’s

A direct message is a powerful way to get more meetings, but it’s also scary for most people, and the only reason it’s scary is because you don’t know what to say. 

A DM is no different than having a conversation with a friend or someone you haven’t seen for a while. 

You ask questions, and the questions uncover pain points or desires.

To start these conversations, try the following:

• When someone asks you to connect online – send a DM

• When someone accepts your connection request – send a DM

• When someone likes, comments, or shares your post – send a DM

Here’s an example of when someone accepts your connection request on LinkedIn –


Thank you for connecting.

How you doing?

Once you get a conversation flowing, they open up. Ask if they think it makes sense to hop online for a Zoom or a call. 

Meeting booked! Now rinse and repeat.

3. Systems

It’s much easier to do many of the tasks above if you have a system to help you do the heavy lifting. 

I use to find my ICP on LinkedIn, build a list, and the software takes over. You can create campaigns that automate things such as:

• 👍 Liking posts

• 🧐 Viewing their profile

• 🔎 Following them

• 👥 Sending connection requests

• 📨 Messaging them

I don’t have it send a bunch of messages that spam them. I’m sure you get a ton of them, and they’re terrible. However, I get it to send my first message once they accept my connection request. 

And all it says is: 


Thank you for connecting.

How you doing?

The purpose is to start a conversation, and then I can pick things up.

I ran a 5-day challenge a few years ago that taught these exact steps in more detail, with scripts and templates, and people’s calendars were overflowing with red-hot prospect meetings.

I’m unsure if I’ll run another one, but would you like to be the first to know if I do? Register your interest by clicking here.

That’s it for now. 

Chat next week


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